Angels, Saints and Heroes

Angels, Saints and Heroes were a punk band from Toronto, Canada. They started in the early 2Ks when Mike, Kyle and Neil’s first band, King Size Braces bit the dust and they hooked up with Ben from Buffalo. If you haven’t heard any King Size Braces do yerself a favour and check ’em out HERE   Apart from the original British Oi! of the early 80s, there are only two bands from that genre that I rate, King Size Braces and The Templars, the rest of it is embarrassing dogshit.

Angels, Saints and Heroes played with Riot99 frequently including our last gig on October 9, 2004. I left soon after so I never found out why they broke up or why this album was never released – my old drummer sent me a copy when I was living in Cairns in 2005 and I have been listening to it regularly ever since – it’s one of my favourite albums ever. Seriously, this album should have been bigger than sliced-cheese-on-a-stick, every song is bloody perfect. If I ever make money from writing(stranger things have happened) I am gonna put this son-of-a-bitch out on vinyl, then I will walk around going, “Oh, yah, I listened to these guys before anyone else did.”

Let Darkness Prevail

We’re not stupid man, of course we understand, this is an industry and you are just a business man.

But cut-throat salesmanship and social politics, they make me fucking sick, you’re just turning tricks.

I’m not an anarchist, I’m not a communist, I feel no kinship with those followers of foolishness.

I’m just angry and frustrated that our cultures been sedated by you whores who should be hated ’cause you all participated.

So we make our stand, in our punk rock band, though we know that we can’t change it ’cause it’s out of our control.

But if we keep on singing, over these three chords we’re ringing, maybe we can keep you chickenhawks from killing rock’n’roll.