Green Ant Press was a small press located in Sydney, Australia that operated from 2013 to 2016.

Several unfortunate incidents including a fire, an attempted murder and serious drug charges forced its closure in early 2016.

Below is the acidic logo of the press and manifesto.


green ant press

“Surely what the writer needs, is orthography, grammar and syntax, which he learns at school; after that he must read and write, read and write, and forgetting all about being a writer, live, to perfect his art.” -Patrick White

Green Ant Press is an underground publishing house based in Sydney, Australia. Our business model is based on the punk rock ethic of ‘do it yourself’.

You won’t find us at writers’ festivals, writers’ retreats or applying for grants. We are much too busy reading, writing and living to indulge in what amounts to mutual masturbation.

greenant press underneath the stairwell