RIOT99 – TORONTO, CANADA. 1999-2004.

Punk is the most accessible music form and anyone can start a punk band but most of them sound like absolute fucking dogshit. What makes a good punk band is the ability to be dumb in a smart way. Rock and roll is stupid, that’s what makes it so great – this is something that academic cocksuckers and people of a mediocre intelligence don’t understand. It’s like using your wit to tell crass jokes. The true test of a mediocre intelligence is someone who judges wit on its content rather than on the wit itself. Even if your content is crass, it still takes intelligence to deliver wit effectively and a level of psychological intuition on timing to get it right. The same goes for punk – you need talented musicians to play primal music and a good frontman needs to take on a convincing, and therefore complex theatrical persona to act insane. Then along comes some academic cunt of mediocre intelligence who proclaims that punk is dumb – which means he doesn’t understand even the base concept of rock and roll which isn’t surprising as he has a nest of viper-pricks in his filthy skull rather than a brain. Punk is a kick in the teeth.



riot99 fucked up career suicide underneath the stairwell

One of Ter’s posters

underneath the stairwell ter and andy

Ter and Andy

riot99 i just wanna underneath the stairwell

Best band T-Shirt ever made

underneath the stairwell mark and drew

Fosco and Drew and a leg grabbing peach.

underneath the stairwell fosco


big bop underneath the stairwell

The Big Bop – my second home for 7 years

Girls toilets at the Bop

Girls toilets at the Bop

Fosco and Drew, recording Last Cuts.

Fosco chuckles as if to say, “Dolophine – it’s the fuhrer of the opiates!”

7 Inch, 2000

7 Inch, 2000


CD Insert 2002

CD Insert 2002

Best poster ever made

Best poster ever made

The Sticker that plastered Toronto

The Sticker that plastered Toronto









riot99 underneath the stairwell

Three poofters and a crackhead

riot99 action underneath the stairwell

riot99 andy underneath the stairwell

Andy Action

riot99 andy vomit hoodie underneath the stairwell

You see what you get when you fuck with me, Andy? YOU SEE WHAT YOU GET!?

riot99 drew underneath the stairwell

Punk rock is a dangerous sport

riot99 ren ren andy and drew underneath the stairwell

Ren-Rens, Andy, Drew

riot99 ter underneath the stairwell

Found these old pics on Myspace, original quotes intact.

riot99 toronto punk underneath the stairwell

Another myspace quote…

riot99 uk sub and fosco

I lost my love to a UK Sub

riot99 ter 2 underneath the stairwell