Stanley Knife, Sydney, 1994 – 1998

My first band was an Oi! band called Com-Frac (Compound Fracture)

When we finally learned to play/sing we reformed as Stanley Knife. I always championed Oi! Oi! Music as it is the only sub-culture music that will never be commercialized (still hasn’t been). This is mainly due to the fact that most fucktards immediately associate it with neo-nazi skinheads. One of my most hated conversations is explaining to cunts how early 80s Oi! wasn’t fascist etc etc – it is so goddamned boring – if this is how you think fuck off and read this article HERE

Anyway, Stanley Knife weren’t an Oi! band like Com-Frac, we got all modern and shit and were (to my knowledge) the first ‘streetpunk’ band in Australia. So there!

We reformed in 2013 when I moved back to Sydney and a new album should be coming out later this year. It’s only taken us 22 years (see below)


stanley knife lp



com-frac compound fracture underneath the stairwell

Every single fucking picture they cut the boots out!







stanley knife 1997 underneath the stairwell

Rick on bass

stanley knife underneath the stairwell

Kiwi Kim’s on Enmore Road

stanley knife 1996 underneath the stairwell

Drew, Toby, Ben

stanley knife rick and neil underneath the stairwell

Rick and Neil

stanley knife sydney streetpunk underneath the stairwell stanley knife sydney punk rick and drew underneath the stairwell stanley knife iron duke hotel underneath the stairwell stanley knife rick and drew underneath the stairwell