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The Shit Eating Pigs of Goa

<HR><h1>The Shit Eating Pigs of Goa</h1>

The Shit Eating Pigs of Goa was the title of a chapter that I cut out of my first book, The Crooked Beat, during the editing process. The gist of The Crooked Beat centred around the 'Freak Circuit' in Thailand and India. So lemme explain wot the circuit was .... …In the 60s a lot of hippies travelled to Thailand and India. The most common (and cheapest) route they took was to land by plane in Singapore, travel overland to Thailand and get a boat to Calcutta.  Once in India they would travel by train to Delhi in the east then down to Goa in the south. Not surprisingly, this became known...

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Let’s Break!

<HR><h1>Let’s Break!</h1>

  When I was going through my ‘awkward’ teenage stage, I fancied myself quite the break dancer. This phase was sandwiched between  my 3rd Reich/David Bowie obsession and my discovery of punk rock. So as you can see I was quite an odd child. Anyways, I couldn’t break dance for shit. All I did was dress up in all the clothes which weren’t even the proper ones. For example, I couldn’t buy a real pair of Nikes with my allowance so what I did was buy a pair of shoes from the China Products store and paint Nike swooshes on their sides. Not only that, but I had just sprouted...

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